A data center is a facility that contains many web servers. The web servers can be employed for a number of purposes - Internet hosting, file and photo storage, computing, and so on. All bigger companies that provide online services have their machines in one or numerous data centers as such a facility can offer the desired environment and protection for the data located on the servers. Including environmental controls for the humidity and temperature so as to guarantee the maximum performance and long life of the web servers, backup generators, hardware monitoring and last, but not least, physical protection as to make sure that your data can't be accessed by an unauthorized third-party. A inadequately performing data center can very easily undermine the services a company supplies.
Data centers in Shared Web Hosting
Our shared web hosting servers are stored in 5 of the biggest data centers worldwide located in Chicago (USA), London (UK), Pori (FI), Sofia (BG) and Sydney (AU). We offer precisely the same level of service everywhere since our innovative cloud hosting platform is available in all 5 of them, but for your advantage, you will be able to select the one you prefer. The consistent operation of your Internet sites shall be ensured by effective diesel backup generators and a number of backbone Internet Service Providers which every one of the facilities employs in the particular country. The data centers have skilled tech support crews that monitor all servers 24/7 and due to the fact your websites shall be hosted on our sophisticated cluster platform, you could be certain that you'll enjoy speedy and consistent service all of the time. All 5 facilities are available on the order page, so you could pick the one nearest to you or to your target area.
Data centers in Semi-dedicated Servers
If you choose to acquire one of the semi-dedicated server packages that we offer, you will have 5 data centers to pick out from - SteadFast in Chicago, U.S., Pulsant near London, England, TelePoint in Sofia, Bulgaria, Amaze in Sydney, AU and Ficolo in Pori, Finland. All five spots are available on the signup page and we use these facilities because we've experienced the excellent standard of service they provide over the years. The data centers are among the biggest ones in their respective state and they deliver excellent conditions for the hosting servers that are part of our effective cloud hosting platform where all semi-dedicated accounts are setup. They all have direct fiber routes to several major cities on every continent, backup Internet service providers and diesel generators, so no matter which location you'll opt for during the order procedure, you'll benefit from a fast web hosting service with no interruptions of any kind. If some unexpected problem presents itself, it is resolved within amatter of minutes by knowledgeable support crews which are available 24/7.
Data centers in VPS Servers
In order to give you a choice where your Internet sites will be situated, we provide OpenVZ VPS servers on 3 different continents. We have got hosting servers in Chicago (US), London (England), Sofia (Bulgaria), Pori (Finland) and Sydney (AU), so your new VPS can be set up closer to your target market. Each one of the facilities provides superb connectivity by using some of the major ISPs in the particular country, so you will enjoy fast loading speeds from anywhere, but for your comfort we give you a choice for the location. The continuous work of the hosting servers in which your Virtual Private Server will be generated is ensured by powerful generators and UPS systems, so your sites will be functioning regardless of any unforeseen infrastructural challenges which can take place. We avoid hardware issues as well through the use of backup web servers and the most current generation of network equipment in every one of the facilities. One of the major advantages of obtaining an OpenVZ VPS from our company is that the web servers within all five data centers where the accounts are generated work with Solid-State Drives which are considerably faster when compared to the classic Hard Disk Drives.
Data centers in Dedicated Servers
The dedicated servers we provide to our prospective and current customers are kept within one of the largest data centers in North America - the SteadFast facility, that's located in Chicago, IL. The superb location within the heart of the continent is the reason for quite a few businesses to select the data center for their servers as direct fiber routes to many of the major cities through numerous Tier-3 Internet service providers guarantee wonderful access speeds. This redundancy and effective diesel generators that can easily keep the entire facility functioning for days guarantee that your dedicated machine shall be running and accessible regardless of any infrastructural problems or natural disasters. We also have spare parts there and an expert tech support team that's available 24/7 to take care of any hardware problem that may appear. With a dedicated machine inside our Chicago data center, you shall enjoy a fast and reliable hosting service and you'll be able to reach hundreds of millions of Internet users without any problem.